Wednesday, September 30, 2009

libya in lowercase, days 6 - 10

I went to Libya this summer to visit my family and wrote a poem for every day gone. This is libya in lowercase. The next five days.

- + -

april 15, 2009. wednesday.

i’ve never been so glad to see orange in my life

and as i make my way through the small airport

and the man in the faded suit asks

“nadia kamal?”

i don’t think i’ve ever been more happy to be who i am.


april 16, 2009. thursday.

i am changed now, here, in my fairytale land.

i am binti kamal – masha’Allah!

i never want to be remembered as anything else.


april 17, 2009. friday.

i sit in a smoke-filled garage

amongst too many cats and just enough aunts

and eat barbecue.

the weather is nice


the smoke chokes me

until i can’t breathe.


april 18, 2009. saturday.

this place is truly beyond words

i swear i had a dream about it when i was younger

before i had even set foot on orange sand.

you wouldn’t believe me if i told you.

i think that’s why you will never understand.


april 19, 2009. sunday.

i wonder, fifty years from now,

if i will remember this day

where i went

what i said

who i kissed

or hit.

and will i laugh or cry?