Thursday, March 19, 2009

things i want to do with you

walk in madina qadima and pretend it is another time.
hold your hand on owul september with wedding henna on my fingers.

((watch you do fatiha with my father.))

talk in circles until something makes since.
laugh until i cry.
pray behind you.
listen to sounds that make my chest ache and maybe yours too.
listen to um kalthum and billy holiday until we forget where we are.
take pictures of you at sabrata with roman statues in the background.
compare you to the mosaics at liptis magna.
cook bazine for you.
hear your mother call me habibti.
kiss children with your nose and my eyes to sleep every night.
i haven't met you yet
but i will know when i do
because you will want to do all these things with me too.


Thania said...

I think it beautiful, it's so real. :)

ShadowInTheNight said...

it's beautiful...

walidaun said...

Interesting !!! you even know how to cook bazine.

Rain said...

You have a really nice way of stringing your thoughts together. I enjoyed your blog...Alhamdulilah!