Monday, March 22, 2010

your children's fathers

you choose your children's fathers,
remember that. 

when you hear his sweet words
and taste his lips
like cardamom 
and cinnamon 
like tea too late
in the afternoon

when he lays you down
fingers in hair
and the carpet burns your back

when you claim love
feign bliss
turn time into blurs

when flesh slides across flesh
and he says your name
one syllable off

but it's beautiful
in his voice. 

when heat comes together 
again and again
and breath is shared
in the small valleys 
between nose
and curve of upper lip

when tongues taste memories
and light bouncing off curtains
shows his innocence,
when he changes your perception
with one stroke of his palm

when elbows brace on table legs
and heels find rest on couch cushions
and his heart is the only sound 
in your mind.

and your moment closes
your fantasy flees
your heart plucks like a string
and he gets up and leaves.

you choose your children's fathers,
remember that. 


deeznia said...

this is something...
my/your children's father is a choice ...
hopefully and God-willing we make the right one

Shelby Youngblood said...

I love this poem. I never really thought about it but as women we do choose our children's father, and as crazy as my mom is I think she made a great choice when she chose my dad and I just hope I make the right choice to.

black_keys2 said...

I love this. I'm not planning on having children but if right man comes... I just don't want to make the wrong choice and then live my whole life in regret. I wouldn't get through that.

writeitaway said...

@deeznia: Yes, exactly. And we should remember that every time we make decisions. :) And God willing. :D

@Shelby Youngblood: We really do - so we have no right to ever speak bad about a child's father to him. It breaks them down. And I'm glad your mom made a great choice - mine did too! :)

@black_keys2: Exactly. Making the right choice is very important - not only for you. :D

Thank all of you so much for commenting! This poem means a lot to me. :)

deeznia said...

i'm glad you were bold enough to share it
your blog is a wonderful space that i appreciate :)