Monday, August 9, 2010

swollen hearts.

the river was swollen like a 
woman's body, pregnant
for one week too long, like her
feet would swell under the weight
of a second life, like her belly would
swell as her child turned over in womb.

swollen woman gave birth
at the swollen river,
thighs stretched apart, 
tree roots taking place of 
companion's warm fingers,
lapping water
becoming a medicine woman's 
sure hands.

and the tide took place
of undertaker,
sweeping away 
blood, and with it,
all life. 


YourOasis said...

sweeping away
blood, and with it,
all life. - wow. that was...well i don't what to call it. indescribable.

deeznia said...

"the river was swollen like a woman's body, pregnant for one week too long..." *savours* that brings a good taste to my mind's palate :)