Wednesday, December 14, 2011

day one.

december thirteenth. 

from the sky,
tripoli at night looks like fairy dust,
like magic, flung out across the landscape
by the majestic, the most merciful
each light a kindled hope,
every lamp a martyr

i press my face against the glass,
fall in love a hundred times
during the descent

a soldier with a gun stands guard
at the plane door, thanks god
we have arrived safely

i thank god he's alive,
that i'm alive,
that we're free. 


Hussein Al-Omari said...

I love it Nadia! Allah ye7fadik! Describes the poetic yet exciting scene of Tripoli at night for first time

Hussein Al-Omari said...

the opening paragraph is amazing Nadia Kamal Hemmali Dreid makes me feel sitting in your window seat with my face pressed against the window and looking down - those 5 lines just excellent from fairy dust to magic sparkles to candles to martyrs all describe well the scene