Thursday, April 19, 2012

day five.

an exchange of regret. 

we were an amalgam of apologies. 

"i'm sorry," she told me one morning,
dawn light grey on her cheekbones,
"i'm sorry i made you carry my mistakes
around under your tongue."

"i'm sorry," i told her on the train.
my nails were painted yellow,
because i missed the sun.
"i'm sorry i left your shame
out on my laundry line. i never
meant to air your secrets."

"i'm sorry i rubbed salt on your 
wounds," she says under an 
oak tree in the park. "i thought it 
would keep them from becoming

"i'm sorry i cursed your dead mother,"
i whispered, "and put salt in your tea.
i just wanted to see if you cry anymore."

"i'm sorry, i'm just sad."

"i'm sorry, i'm just tired."

"i'm sorry, i just miss you."

"i'm sorry, i'm just too
sorry to do this anymore."

and one day, our apologies
ran out.


MissRenee said...

This was beautiful

MissRenee said...

This was beautiful..

boomerang ! said...

Why are your poems so melancholic and painful ??

There is pain hidden in every word that you write , srikes a chord ..

actually like it ..