Thursday, January 7, 2010

libya in lowercase, days 11-15

peace, love, and poems from far away. <3.

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april 20, 2009. monday.

if you have never wanted to fall down

for fear of God,

you do not believe.

i fear and love and

love and fear.

and love.

do not ask me why again. i am tired of your questions.


april 21, 2009. tuesday.

i watch moroccan women attempt american dances,

slithering around

bracing their backs against poles and

running their hands up their thighs.

i’m still not sure why

the only parts of western culture they long for

are the ones that will tear them apart.


april 22, 2009. wednesday.

applying makeup in parking lots

and pulling bangs out from under scarves.

these are the things they think will bring them freedom

but are only imprisoning them further.

i wish i could tell them.

i wish they would understand.

certificate in one hand and a husband in the other,



april 23, 2009. thursday.

i sit in the kitchen

and listen to my aunts

and my aunt’s aunt

talk in words

i half catch

i drink shahi with

my back against cabinets and

listen to the adhan

come in through the windows.


april 24, 2009. friday.

i play chase around tall walls and

listen to a debate about

arabic morality

as half-naked women dance across the stage.

i’m told i’m wrong for watching it, but his eyes are glued to the screen.

still, i’m impressed that he cares.

he’s changed since last year, in more ways than one

makes me a little jealous that i haven’t morphed a lick since i was thirteen.

his cousin tells jokes in a dialect too quick for me to understand

i don’t need to, to know they’re not funny.

his skin is the color of chestnuts, though

and he looks older than he is.

if he wasn’t an asshole, he’d be beautiful.

i talk about barack obama

and twirl a toothpick between my teeth

and do my best not to look back at the grill

but i do a few times, when no one’s watching.

his hands are greasy from working the spick

so we shake wrists when we leave.

who knew a year could make such a difference?

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