Thursday, January 7, 2010

never wanted to be cinderella growing up.

or snow white. or sleeping beauty.

i always used to wish i was pocahontas.

everything about this movie is beautiful. never understood what was so wrong with kocoum though.

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YourOasis said...

i bet i know why. cos their way of living was more peaceful and natural, well the non-warrior clans. :) i love the idea of living off the land, amongst nature. is where i can only find inner peace in the outside world. i love their cultures and learning them, their way of living.

i LOVE pocahontas too. i never wanted to be any princess though, actually. i dont think i ever wanted to be any character, i just wanted a prince charming. still do, lol. or a jacob.

my fave princesses though are pocahontas and mulan although technically neither are princesses but they are kickass girls xD girl power! the one disney movie my mom says i watched a lot though was the jungle book, the non-animated one from the 90s. i also remember watching the hunchback of notre dame a lot, i LOVED the music and i guess i related with quasimodo? its a pretty dark movie for kids though. but man i miss the disney movies from the 90s and 80s and back. i love musicals and disney hit its climax of superb music making in the 90s, in my opinion. thankfully they came back with something similar, the princess and the frog which im dying to see. :D