Friday, April 23, 2010

day fifteen.

this is for you

not just for you
but for me too

memories taken down
onto paper,
made alive 
a second time.

summers on 
wrap-around couches
and writing on backs,
t-shirts pulled up
over heads.

feet burnt on asphalt,
and pizza,
and too many kids for one place
but making it work.

a short
yellow jumpsuit 
worn every other day
and chlorine-gobbled

further back.

homemade play-dough
and cupcakes,
burnt carpet 
and purple hands
on a plate.

old home videos
of easter morning,
shared candy
and snickering
under beds.

long hair
and disney movies
and falling asleep
before new years.

seventeen years.
seventeen memories.
seventeen kisses. 

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YourOasis said...

aww loved it. :) who's skyla or what is skyla?