Friday, April 2, 2010

the story of you

Honestly, no idea what this is. Not even sure if I like it. But why not? 

How about this? Boy meets girl, and girl sees her father in his face. They kiss, and her heart soars back instead of forward while he grapples with her blouse. The first time he screams, it scares her, but she chalks it up to old habits.

First curse, first slap, first punch. All old habits, learned again and again. All the same.

Then a baby boy with his father's face comes, and he is no kind of beautiful to her, scarred and broken.

She leaves him by the church door for you to find.


deeznia said...

its its something that makes me feel sad for her
that she fell for him looking for a father - did she never know him ? how was she raised ? craving for a father she never had she looked for him in a lover that was no better than he
and because she couldn't take care of her baby gives her/him up ?
the cycle of craving parents' love continues and she unfortunately perpetuates it
i think if you build and frame this with body, it could explore family ties or relations,

YourOasis said...

what deeznia said. very sad and common nowadays even in my own family. my vow if i have a children is to raise them right and love them unconditionally.