Sunday, April 25, 2010

day sixteen.

her aunt told her that they were the kind of women
that make men fall in love with them

and lovely
and light

she told her that she had it,
that thing that sends men spinning.
said that it was in her blood, her eyes.

she said it wasn't conscious,
wasn't to be abused,
that it was wrong
to try to lure in a man
who had no choice. 

her aunt tells her that one day, she too
will make men kneel at her feet.

it was never something
any of them wanted,
five sisters,
women scorned,
losing in love
with the only men
who ever mattered.

the next day, she kisses her aunt 
and steps outside. looks across the wall 
at the boy with shining eyes and ringing laugh,
and thinks that the gift missed her. 


YourOasis said...

i loved the last line.

YourOasis said...

loved the last line. :)