Monday, April 5, 2010


a woman 
standing on the ledge of a building
does not wonder if it will hurt.
she wonders if you will miss her. 

a boy 
watching his father's car pull away
does not understand the word divorce.
he wonders what he did wrong.

a girl
with bruised thighs
does not understand that it wasn't her fault,
she only smells your breath on her cheek

a man 
who told you that you smell like rain
does not understand your empty drawer,
only that you left his ring.

and the sun still sets and rises,
without understanding
why the moon
stays so far away. 


Black Keys said...

Stunned into silence.
And amazed.

deeznia said...

thought-provoking enough to make one pause

writeitaway said...

Thank both of you so much. :)

deeznia said...

you're welcome though its more like an appreciation to you for sharing...

YourOasis said...

wow. stunned is right. i love the last verses cos its true. life goes on no matter what pain or joy you experience.